Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trail Riding: Frim with Fimi

It's not a coincident. However, the name Fimi is not related to Frim whatsoever. Some used to call him "King of Frim". Whoever he may be is not important. He came on time as always & like to starts riding on the dot. Unfortunately, the others did not.

Lembab betul la diorang ni!

By the way, last Saturday was the day for some of us first climb to the top of Steroid Hill. Congratulations goes to Haitsan & Haidil (they're not brothers). Where did the other two go? Hoi, lembab la korang! Lama kitorang tunggu kat bawah ni! haha...

By succesfully adding Steroid Hill to the menu that day, it should be great fun nonetheless. The look in their face tells everything. For Hassan (Sarjan?) & Nazib, this were their first trip to Frim (1st time offroad for Hassan with his new Khs Alite1000).

We started the ride that day from Tokong (main entrance), skip Bukit Bujang & headed straight to Bukit Hari - Steroid Hill.

Actually, my target that day is to start the ride by climbing to Bukit Bujang & enjoy the Dream's singletrack. Since it's not recommended for beginner, so we wrapped the session by riding through 501 singletrack.

I'm not a smoker (not anymore), but I have to say thanks to them that day. Because of one cigarette resulted in us having free Nasi Lemak Kukus. More story here. Thanks Mr. Mustafa!

This photo is courtesy of Haitsanspmholder

On the way out to Tokong, "The Smokers" were busy looking for desperate smoker in need for a cigarette, in hope of having another FREE nasi lemak session. Read Part 2 here.