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The Sign: World Monetary System & Riba

There is a grand design that links international politics, international monetary economics and religion with today’s fraudulent monetary system. To understand the matter, one must understand the system we are in. Have you ever wonder who controls the world's financial system?

Prophet Muhammad SAW informed the world that Allah Most High, had responded to the Jewish rejection of the true Messiah by creating a false Messiah. He disclosed that Allah Most High would release that evil being into the world with a mission to impersonate the true Messiah.

There is information (read Tamim Dari Hadith from Sahih Muslim) in the life of the blessed Prophet which indicates that the false Messiah was released into the world after the Prophet’s Hijrah to Madina had taken place, and after the Jews of Madina had rejected him as a true Prophet.

Consequently, Dajjal the false Messiah would have to attempt to establish a world government through which he would rule over the world from Jerusalem. The Prophet also disclosed that the supreme strategy through which the false Messiah would seek to impose over mankind to be the weapon of Riba.

With Riba he would enslave with poverty those who resist him, and empower with wealth those who accept and support him. The rich elite of mankind so created would then be used as clients and surrogates to exploit and enslave the poor masses and rule over them on behalf of the false Messiah.

Riba in Current Monetary System

To understand more about Riba and what is written in the Qur'an & hadith, Click Here. Now, let's hear some words from Khalid Yassin regarding Riba.

We now describe one of the processes of Riba through which Dajjal empowers with wealth those who support him, and enslave with poverty those who oppose him. What he did was to establish an international monetary system that corrupted money in such a way that it could be manipulated and made to function as a vehicle of legalized theft, gigantic fraud, and economic oppression. One of the very visible forms of such is the exploitation of labor through slave wages.

The "One Eyed" US Dollar

Around the world of the so-called free market economy today, governments have found it necessary to impose minimum wage legislation in order to prevent bloody rebellion by those imprisoned in slave wages.

The reader can easily recognize the very heart of the process of legalized theft in the international monetary system that the Judeo-Christian (Ya'juj Ma'juj alliance?, Read Sea of Galilee) alliance has created by focusing attention on an event that occurred in April 1933. The US Government enacted legislation at that time prohibiting American residents from keeping gold coins, bullion or gold certificates in their possession. Gold coins were demonetized, and were no longer permitted as legal tender and could not be used as money. If anyone was caught with such gold after a 35 certain date, he could be fined $10,000 and/or be imprisoned for six months. In exchange for the gold coins and bullion, the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a private bank, offered paper currency (i.e., US dollars) with an assigned numerical value of $20 for every one ounce of gold.

The "One Eyed" US Dollar (See on top of the pyramid - click to enlarge)

Most Americans rushed to exchange their gold for paper currency, but those who were aware of the rip off that was about to take place bought gold with their paper currency and then shipped the gold away to Swiss banks. It is significant that the British government also demonetized gold coins in the same year as the US. They did so through the simple expedient of suspending the redeem ability of the sterling paper pound into gold.

After all the gold in USA had been exchanged for paper currency, the US Government then proceeded in January 1934 to arbitrarily devalue the US paper dollar by 41% and to then rescind the law of prohibition concerning gold that was previously enacted. The American people rushed back to exchange their paper currency for gold at the new exchange value of $35 per ounce of gold. In the process, they were robbed of 41% of their wealth. The reader can now easily recognize the legalized theft that takes place when paper currency is devalued.

The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank (which, incidentally, is a privately owned bank) appeared in the above incident to have initiated a ‘trial run’ to test domestically the new monetary system. That transfer would take place through the simple device of creating money out of worthless paper and then forcing paper currency upon all of mankind. Those who control the monetary system would then target certain currencies and force them to be continuously devalued. As such paper currencies lost value the unsuspecting masses would suffer massive loss of wealth, however, their ‘losses would result in ‘gain’ for others.

Less than two years earlier, in September 1931, the British pound was devalued by 30% and this gradually increased to 40% by 1934. France then followed with a devaluation of the French Franc by 30%, the Italian Lira was devalued by 41%, and the Swiss Franc by 30%. The same thing subsequently happened in most European countries. Only Greece went beyond the rest of Europe to devalue its currency by a whopping 59%.

What appeared to be "beggar thy neighbor" policies of 1930s - using currency devaluations to increase the competitiveness of a country's export products in order to reduce balance of payments deficits - resulted in plummeting national incomes, shrinking demand, mass unemployment, and an overall decline in world trade that came to be known as the Great Depression. However, it prepared the way for the imposition of an international monetary system that ostensibly sought to bring order and prevent chaos in the world of money and trade. In other words, the Great Depression was artificially contrived in order to justify the imposition of an international monetary system that would bring order to a chaotic world of money.

The Judeo-Christian alliance went on to establish a ‘paper currency’ international monetary system at Bretton Woods. They used the link between the US dollar and gold in the Bretton Woods Agreement as a fig leaf to hide the fact that paper could now be printed and used as money without any requirement that it be redeemable in the market in real money, i.e., money with intrinsic value.

The Bretton Woods Agreement paved the way for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to be established in 1944 with the explicit function of maintaining an international monetary system of precisely such non redeemable paper currencies. By 1971 even the fig leaf disappeared when USA reneged on its treaty obligation under international law to redeem US dollars for gold.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The system is designed to target in particular those who resist the mysterious Judeo-Christian alliance that now rules the world. The Articles of Agreement of the IMF prohibited the use of gold as money. It did so by prohibiting any link between gold and paper currencies other than the US dollar. Art.4 Section 2(b) of the Articles of Agreement stated:

“exchange arrangements may include (i) the maintenance by a member of a value for its currency in terms of the special drawing right or another denominator, other than gold, selected by the member, or (ii) cooperative arrangements by which members maintain 40 the value of their currencies in relation to the value of the currency or currencies of other members, or (iii) other exchange arrangements of a member's choice.”

The IMF was used to establish a new international monetary system with new and strange monetary terminology. There was a world of a difference between ‘local (paper) currency’, which was accepted as a medium of exchange in the country in which it was issued, and ‘foreign exchange’ paper currency that was the medium of exchange for trade outside of that country. Therefore, if traders in Malaysia wanted to sell goods to traders in neighboring Indonesia, the Indonesians had to find foreign exchange to pay for their purchases with only limited to either European paper currencies or to the US dollar.

Thus, the trap was set for demand for such European currencies as the US dollar that then became known as ‘hard’ currency. So long as the Judeo-Christian alliance could maintain demand for their paper currencies all that they had to do was to keep on printing such money and, in the process, keep on creating wealth out of nothing. The evil plan behind the whole system was also to get Western currencies, to constantly increase in value in relation to other currencies. That was achieved through the simple device of either coaxing or forcing devaluation of targeted currencies. As such currencies were devalued; it resulted in a massive transfer of wealth from the masses to the elite. It also forced labour into working for slave wages, and it imprisoned those who took ‘hard’ currency loans from an ever-willing IMF and from European commercial banks and now found themselves in ever-increasing difficulty to repay those loans with interest.

In fact, the entire monetary system with its IMF centerpiece was specifically designed to achieve such results. Targeted countries were trapped with huge loans, were continuously drained of their wealth, and were impoverished as they struggled to repay loans with money that constantly lost value. Finally, the new international monetary system of paper money facilitated the banking system, through fractional reserve banking, to lend on interest money it did not possess. That, also, was legalized fraud.

The Great Deception - "Islamic Banking"

Here's a video of "Islamic Banking" lectures by Syeikh Imran Hosein.

See the complete lectures here: Most of the information above was taken from a book written by Syeikh Imran Hosein which you can download here: Dinarbook.pdf (The Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham: Islam and The Future of Money).

Dr. Mahathir's Writing on Present Financial Crisis

Follows is installments of a series on the trends that led to the present financial crisis written by Malaysia's former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He not only understood the exploitative nature of the monetary system created by modern western civilization, but also, and quite correctly so, did what scarcely any of the Muftis of Islam have so far done, or dare to do. He called for the return to the Gold Dinar as money, in place of the money-system built around the utterly fraudulent US dollar, so that Muslims could extricate themselves from financial and economic oppression and exploitation.


This is the conclusion to the series on the trends that led to the present financial crisis.


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