Friday, May 8, 2009

Ghostriders: A True Story or Myth?

You can barely see them. They move pretty fast. They love Taiwan made bike. They are fan of Sram & Shimano's 9 speed sets. They love to bring their blink2 bright eyed cats! And they wear helmet for protection. A Giro & Mullets were their favourites.

This photo of spinning head figure is believed to be their leader (according to orang kampung), a spinning head ghost! The strongest among them. He can move his head 360 degrees while sprinting on his Merida.

However, a rider without head is the most scariest among them. A ghost with a Tora. He will lead the way & smoke you. Just like a wind blows.

The following photo is of their three followers, obeying their master all the time. The way they communicating to each other is by using this following codes - Tm: 1.14.12, Av: 16.2, Dst: 20.20, Mx: 43.5. Can you understand that? They are very sophisticated indeed.

And for that communication purposes, each of them are armed complete with a special communication device. A small but very effective device. It is believed to be evolved from cat family.

If you're riding alone in Pulau Meranti at night, be extra careful. Don't ever think you will be riding alone? Jangan Pandang Belakang! This one ghost is believed to be riding a new KHS1000. Guess what's his day job could be? He may follow you once in a while.

But let's not worry so much. There are good ghost & there are bad ghost. And they happened to be good ghost. They won't bite you or suck your blood to death. In fact, they love Briyani & Roti Banjir!

True note: A ghost is basically a "Jinn" (i.e Satan from among Jinn's family). Don't believe what Uncle "Seekers" told ya!