Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trail Riding: Putrajaya Challenge Park & Frim

After 3 weeks without riding, I spent a few hours riding in Frim on Sunday (19th April). The ride started from Hospital Kusta Sungai Buloh and was enjoyable as usual. Once we reached Rover, we decided to take a brief break at Nasi Lemak Kukus's stall near waterfall before completing our ride at Hospital Kusta.

On Sunday the next weekend I spent a few hours riding in Putrajaya Challenge Park. The main purpose of this ride is to have a look & taste of so many new trails that have been developed for the past few months. I really enjoyed the new stuff, all of it. More steep descents, jumps, tables, double etc & let's not forget - a Cobra!!!

I was riding my Fire Mountain, this time with clipless pedals (Atomlab Quickstep) & really having a good time before accidentally riding through a Cobra's tail! My friend Haitsan, who was trailing from behind got really shock when it's happened. Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened as the snake runs & dissapeared.


KeLoLo said...

Ingat tak mau ride dah! Aku kesian kat cobra tu kena lenyek ngan tayar knobby. Sebab tu la kut dia LARI mencecet....

Alimuddin Shahid said...

Ride simple2 jah... Tapi bab ular tu mmg ramai dah jumpa, biasa la area kelapa sawit

p/s: color ular tu matte black mcm banshee hehehe