Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trail Riding in Batu Dam(n!)

“Kayuh cari Santa Clause!” is what Bro Enol has been saying over the past few days. And here we are today, at Batu Dam (slippery as usual) during Christmas holiday. For some of us, this is going to be their first taste of Batu Dam, the trail that was very famous for... you know, good climbs, slippery descent, leeches, Maggi soup and best of all, crossing cold water (too cold for me though) - a perfect place for trail riding!

We started a bit late that day. Got to wait for everyone else to arrive at the meeting point before continuing drove to the gate and started unloading our mountain bike. It was nearly 10am when we started climbing to the trailhead.

The ride was fun as usual with almost everybody got some minor scratch upon their body (due to deadfall in some areas, tree branches etc) plus some bleeding caused by non other than the leeches! During the break we managed to cook 4 packs of Maggi and two pots of Aik Cheong Coffee specially made by our coffee master, Bro Enol.

I had a moment where my neck was scratched by a dead tree branch hidden behind the tree leaf and I can hear it snapped into two… arghhh!!! I was leading the pack and had to stop for a while to regain my composure. Again, I was lucky that the branch broke into two and only left a 3” scar on my right neck without bleeding badly.

The last descent was the most enjoyable. There is a moment when I’m descending into a blind corner; I was shocked by a small kid (anak orang asli) walking down the other side. He, surprised as I am, just ran back instead of moving aside while his brother watches and smiling. Sorry kid didn’t mean to scare you (terkejut beruk gua!).

The ride ends at 3pm. The longest that I ever had but it was fun nonetheless. I headed straight home while others went to mamak for ais kacang, bike shop and anywhere else.

More photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/33735646@N03/


Haitsan said...

yg terbaring dua org dak skinhead tu cam dlm citer prison break ler... hehee..

Alimuddin Shahid said...

muka tgh sedap kehkehkeh

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

Wah seronoknya bermandi manda

Taufik said...

Saya akan ke Batu Dam, 24 Jan 2009 bersama Roshidan(Dan).