Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kona Fire Mountain at Taman Cabaran

It’s a KONA! Yes, another Kona, and this time - a hardtail. What’s with Kona? I heard people saying. Well, I love its slacker head angle handling characteristic. Its slow steering 68.1° head angle (for 16” Fire Mountain frame with 100mm fork) gave me better feel compared to other XC hardtails which mostly have around 70°-71° head angle for quicker steering.

The Kona Fire Mountain Deluxe has been in the Kona line-up for 20 years now. It seen a lot of change and has even gone through a bit of change itself over those years. This affordable trail bike has more World Cup DNA implanted into its tubes than most bikes 3 times its price. For sub RM2000, it’s a good buy considering that this bike came stock with Deore’s 9 speed set, FSA crank, Hayes MX4 mechanical disc brake with avid lever and RockShox Dart 2 fork.

Riding throughout Taman Cabaran’s DH ‘fun’ section with this hardtail really gave me a different feel. I felt a bit ‘melayang’ here and there plus the small 1.95 Heng Shin rear tires slightly sliding (without braking) all over the place (the trail was slightly wet anyway). Anyway, I am very happy and satisfied with its overall handling and, I’m going to ride this bike stock without any upgrade except for maybe… the saddle, maybe not… just ride it!


dekk said...

Hello from Brazil! Very nice bike, congrats!