Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Base Training Week 1 (23-29/06/08) Summary

Monday : 30 minutes cross train or MTB (Done 28.08mins, 8.41km MTB onroad) . Kayuhan sekitar Taman Putra Perdana selepas waktu pejabat.

Tuesday : REST

Wednesday : 45 minutes MTB (Done 36.55mins, 13.36km MTB onroad + easy hill, Av 21.7km/h) . Nite ride dari Putra Perdana melalui sebahagian Bukit Puchong & Pulau Meranti.

Thursday : REST

Friday : 45 minutes cross training session (Done 1 hour 05.59mins, 21.18km MTB onroad + easy hill, Av 19.7km/h). Nite Ride di Putrajaya berkumpulan (Critical Mass: http://www.putrajayacriticalmass.blogspot.com/).

Saturday : REST

Sunday : 1 hour 30 min MTB / Road (Done 2 hours 54.38mins, 19.68km MTB offroad/Bash, Av 6.7km/h). Monthly Bash (Epic) di Ulu Tamu/Rening. Complete loop 45km, but only done half of it (1 loop).

Target : 210 mins (Done 304.6mins 62.63km)


• CafĂ© ride. Social ride at conversation pace. Don't try to race your mates up the hills - hold back. No anaerobic work.
• Ride a rolling course with several easy hills. Stay seated. Don't muscle up the hills.
• Turbo trainer - focus on spinning / pedalling technique and maintaining a high cadence of 80-90 rpm.
• Really easy flat ride – focus on keeping high cadence and good technique


A. H. WAN [uncle.D] said...


Sudah angkat itu GPS ke?
Boleh le submit tracklogs ke MALsingmap.com

Alimuddin 'Don' Shahid said...

Belum bang... maybe dlm 2-3 bulan ni. InsyaAllah bila ada nanti akan submit tracklogs